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All meats and sauces are our own signature recipes! Our meats are prepared, marinated, cured and smoked onsite. Bread is delivered fresh daily. Once you've had a Los Gatos Meats Deli Smokehouse Sandwich, you will realize how fresh ingredients and quality meats make a sandwich so delicious! We are family-owned and operated, with 3 generations working and preparing at Los Gatos Meats. You have your choice of bread, cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, mild pepper rings, (The WORKS) with a pickle on the side. Click Here for more information or call us at 408.354.7055.

Now you can place your order online. Simply click on the "Order Online" link on the left or click on the Order Online link below and order your sandwich, a drink and chips. You will receive an order confirmation email with an estimated pickup time after the we confirms receipt of your order. If you don't receive a confirmation email, call the restaurant directly to inquire about your order.

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Smokehouse Traditionals

Roast Turkey - $8.99
LGM oven roasted, light and moist

Smoked Turkey - $8.99
LGM maple sugar cured & hickory smoked

Smoked Ham - $8.99
LGM maple sugar cured & hickory smoked

Salami - $8.99
Molinari dry salam,i thin sliced stacked high

Veggie Sandwich - $8.99
Works with pickles and avocado

Pastrami - $9.49
LGM cured eye of round, lean, thin sliced

Corned Beef - $9.49
LGM cured brisket, thin sliced

Sausage Sandwich $9.49
LGM smoked sausage, hot or mild

Smokehouse Signatures

JJ Special - $9.99
Slow smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce

Rollie - $9.99
Marinated smoked tri tip, BBQ sauce

Slow Burn - $9.99
Marinated smoked tri tip with spicy chipotle sauce, honey mustard, lettuce, onion, smoked cheddar and sport peppers

Poor Boy Down the Street - $9.99

Salami, mortadella, LGM ham

Smokehouse Super Signatures

Jackie Special - $10.49
LGM maple sugar cured smoked turkey, smoked cheddar, LGM smoked bacon, avocado

Chicken Club - $10.49
Marinated BBQ chicken breast, swiss cheese, LGM smoked bacon, BBQ sauce

The A.J. - $10.49
LGM cured smoked pastrami, LGM bacon, avocado, pepper jack cheese

The Crazy Turkey - $10.49
LGM oven roasted turkey,sliced thin, LGM bacon, avocado, provolone cheese, jalepeños

Super Hero - $10.99
Marinated tri-tip, smoked, sliced thin, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, LGM bacon, avocado

Pistol Pete - $10.99
Slow smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce,, cheddar cheese, LGM bacon, avodado.

The Triple By Pass - $10.99
Marinated tri top, smoked, thin sliced, BBQ sauce, slow smoked pulled pork, LGM bacon, avocado, pepper jack cheese

Quad - $11.99
Pastrami, pulled pork, tri tip, LGM bacon, avocado, pepper jack cheese, spicy chipotle BBQ sauce


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Works Include


Bread Choices

Dutch Crunch
Sourdough Roll
Sourdough Sliced
Sweet Roll with Sesame Seed
Whole Wheat Roll
Whole Wheat Sliced
Rye Swirl


Monterey Jack
Smoked Cheddar
Pepper Jack

Add On

Extra Meat - $1.50
Double Meat - $3.00
Avocado - $1.50
Bacon - $1.50

Jackie Special Combo

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